Will Pineapple Juice Make My Cum Taste Better?

Russell from Altamonte Springs Florida asked the following question. Will pineapple juice make my cum taste better? Drinking large quantities of raw pineapple juice will indeed make your cum taste sweeter. Any foods or beverages that you consume will obviously be absorbed into the body, and all of them will affect the way you smell and taste. For example drinking large quantities of dairy or meat products is known to make your sweat taste or smell very sour. However consuming large quantities of sweet juices or honey, will then in turn make your sweat and other bodily fluids taste and smell sweeter. If your goal is to drink enough pineapple juice to affect the taste of your semen or cum, then you will want to make sure that you fast at the same time, drinking only pineapple juice, water, and avoiding all meat and dairy products that can cancel out the effect.