Can Consuming Pineapple Juice Give Me Diarrhea?

We received the following question from Logan of Phoenix Arizona. Can consuming pineapple juice give me diarrhea? The answer is yes, it can give you diarrhea, especially if you drink it in large volumes on an empty stomach. Pineapple juice has an abundant amount of natural acid, and when consumed in large amounts this fruit based acid will cause diarrhea. To avoid diarrhea when consuming pineapple juice, be sure that you drink it after a meal, and not on an empty stomach. You can also mix pineapple juice with oatmeal and a banana in a smoothie, and this will dramatically reduce your chances of getting diarrhea, as there is plenty of fiber contained in the oats and fresh banana. We would like to thank Logan again for taking the time to send us this question. If anyone else has a question for us, please send it in to our website editor.