Is Pineapple Juice Safe To Drink During Pregnancy?

This question was sent in to us by Angelic of Clymer New York. She would like to know is pineapple juice safe to drink during pregnancy? Generally speaking pineapple juice is healthy and safe to drink during pregnancy, unless of course you have a pineapple juice allergy of some sort. Pineapple juice, especially raw homemade pineapple juice, contains an abundant amount of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, all of which are very healthy for both the mother and unborn child. However please do not take our advice on this, consult with your doctor directly, as they can tell you not only if you should be drinking pineapple juice, but what volume is considered healthy. Thanks for the question Angelic, many expecting mothers are probably curious about this as well. Please don't forget to add our website to your browser favorites list, so you can visit again.