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Pineapple Juice
We recently published a brief article regarding the pineapple juice semen myth. Our conclusion after doing research on the subject was that the myth is actually no myth at all, and is actually a doctor confirmed fact. After reading the previous article many of our website visitors sent us email inquiries asking what type of pineapple juice they should drink to trigger this effect, how much they should drink, what brand they should drink, etc. So once again we decided to consult with a doctor on the subject, and see what he had to say about it all. Do bare in mind that the information contained in this article although accurate, is written for entertainment's sake. Please do not take any of this information and make medical or health based decisions with it. We will continue to accept email questions on the subject, so please send us a note if you need to.

According to the doctor we spoke with, most types of pineapple juice will sweeten the taste of your sperm. However, raw fresh made pineapple juice straight from the juicer will have by far the greatest effect. Canned or pasteurized pineapple juice loses many of it's natural acids, enzymes, and sugars during the manufacturing process, so obviously it will be digested differently than fresh raw juice. So it is recommended that you drink raw juice instead of the popular pineapple juice brands out there on the market. If you are interested in going a step further, I'm even told that mixing raw pineapple juice with organic bees honey can also dramatically sweeten sperm, as opposed to just drinking plain juice. These conclusions are based upon tried and tested advice that I was able to find from various sources both on and offline.

With regard to the amount needed to be consumed in order to dramatically sweeten the taste of semen or sperm, the consensus seems to be at twenty four ounces, which is essentially the same as drinking two cans of soda pop. It is recommended that you only consume that amount of raw pineapple juice after a meal, as consuming it on an empty stomach can cause severe heart burn or diarrhea, neither of which will make for a romantic setting or spice up your sex life. Also be sure to drink plenty of water as well, as pineapple juice has a tendency to dehydrate the body, as it takes water from your system to break it down and digest it properly. We also recommend that you don't go overboard on the amount that you consume, as your body can only process, absorb, and excrete so much sweetness. Drinking huge volumes of pineapple juice isn't a scalable sweetness process, your body will maintain a balance.

If you plan on trying this experiment out for yourself, then don't drink or consume any meat or dairy products for forty eight hours in the run up to the big event. Consuming both pineapple juice and milk or meat products will create a sweet and sour taste in your sperm, and will be sure to create a romantic memory of sorts, but certainly not the type you are hoping for. So there you have it in a nutshell, pun intended. Drink twenty four ounces of raw pineapple juice after a meal, and no more. Consume lots of water and keep yourself well hydrated. And do be sure to stay away from any dairy or meat products for at least forty eight hours before hand. Questions on the subject are welcomed, though please leave any personal tales of your culinary bedroom experiences where they belong, in the privacy of your own home. We hope you enjoyed this article, do visit us again.
Improve The Taste Of Your Sperm With Pineapple Juice
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