Can A Dog Or Cat Consume Pineapple Juice?

Yunjin from Seattle Washington would like to know can a dog or cat consume pineapple juice? Generally it is not recommended to allow a dog or cat to consume pineapple juice, as the beverage contains an abundant amount of natural acid which can upset their stomachs. If the pineapple juice is of the processed and sweetened variety, then it is even worse for them as dogs and cats cannot metabolize sugar as quickly as humans can, and it can make them sick. If your dog or cat accidentally consumes pineapple juice, then it will probably not be a cause for serious concern, though you should be on the look out for vomit or diarrhea. Cats specifically would probably not drink a lot of pineapple juice anyway, and the occasional couple of licks will likely have little affect on them, as they might just be curious about it. Thank you very much for submitting the question