Why Is Pineapple Juice So Acidic?

Pineapples contain a low acidic level, which helps the fruit protect itself from a variety of bacteria that would otherwise consume the fruit before it has a chance to ripen. The acidic level slowly dissipates as the fruit begins to ripen, finally reaching it's lowest point right as the fruit is ready to eat. Wild pineapples have such a high acidic level that they are inedible. Today's pineapples however are bred for a low to zero acidic level, as pineapple farmers are able to protect the fruit from any bacteria or parasites that would otherwise feed on it due it's loss of an acidic line of defense. We greatly appreciate the question, and hope that we have provided you with a satisfying answer. For more frequently asked questions and answers, please browse around our website some more. Our site also hosts a variety of pineapple juice based recipes, so be sure and check those out as well.