Fresh Juice Recipes

Incase you couldn't tell from my website, pineapple juice is my favorite fruit to run through the juice machine. It's sweet, healthy, and fits perfectly along side just about any other fruit or vegetable. It's an excellent juice flavor base, and it also works well as a complimentary side flavor. It's unique taste always stands out, but is never overpowering. I'm still yet to meet someone who doesn't like pineapple juice. You can juice it with spinach, bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, carrots, broccoli, even cauliflower. If you're not a fan of vegetable juice, mix it with pineapple juice, and you will hardly be able to tell the vegetable taste is even there. My son doesn't like spinach juice, so I always mix it with pineapple juice, and he gulps it right down, usually asking for another glass.

If you've read through our website at all, you've noticed we have tons of articles and information explaining why store bought or processed pineapple juice isn't particularly healthy, and why it can't compare to raw fresh made pineapple juice as far as health benefits are concerned. In fact some store bought packaged pineapple juice is so heavily processed, that it is actually vitamin fortified, as all of the fruit's natural health properties have been permanently deactivated during processing. In other cases the processed pineapple juice isn't vitamin fortified, and is mostly sugar water with a light pineapple flavor, with maybe a little pulp that counts as dietary fiber. Since I started juicing ten years ago, I rarely drink processed fruit juices, as my body doesn't need all of the sugar, preservatives, and other unhealthy additives.

Raw unpasteurized homemade pineapple juice is a vitamins and minerals treasure trove. Pineapples are unique in the fact that they contain a rare enzyme called Bromelain, which is healthy for your whole body, including your muscles, bones, reproductive organs, digestive system, brain, circulatory system, and much more. However once pineapple juice is pasteurized, most or all of these health benefits are instantly deactivated, leaving you with little more than a glass of sweet sugary pineapple drink. So do be careful with tricky and misleading advertising campaigns claiming that processed pineapple juice is full of vitamins and minerals, as this isn't always the case. Unless a highly advanced processing system is involved, little of the juice's natural nutritional value will make it into your glass.
On the subject of non pasteurized fruit juices, I avoid them all unless I have made the juice myself. Drinking contaminated unpasteurized fruit or vegetable juice can not only be dangerous, it can be deadly. Unfortunately there are many deaths around the United States each year that were caused by consuming contaminated unpasteurized juices. Yes there are many health benefits contained in these beverages, but the risks far out way the rewards. To bypass this whole health fiasco, simply buy your own juice machine, and start making juice from home. If you are juicing your own fruits and veggies, then you will also be in control of what gets juiced, and how clean and sterile the produce is. Always avoid juicing heavily bruised fruit, and always thoroughly clean your produce under cold running tap water.