Apricot Nectar Pineapple Juice


  • 1 Whole Cleaned And Skinless Pineapple
  • 5 Large Fresh Deseeded Apricots
  • 1 Teaspoons Of Raw Bees Honey
  • 1 Large Fresh Mint Leaf


  • Serving Size 1
  • 199 Calories Per Serving
  • 0 Grams Of Fat

Preparation instruction

I would like to thank Amy from El Paso Texas for sending us this amazing apricot nectar pineapple juice recipe.
To get started, please take out your juicer and plug it in.
Next thoroughly wash and rinse your fruit under cold running tap water.
Next using a sharp serrated kitchen knife, remove the skin and inner core from the pineapple, and the seeds from the apricots. Finally you are ready to place a glass under your juice spout.
Once all of your fruit has been run through the machine, and your glass is full, you will want to stir in the raw bees honey.
After all of the honey has dissolved, stir in the single mint leaf. Your beverage is now ready to drink.
Do keep in mind that apricots and pineapple have quite a bit of natural fruit based acid, so you might want to drink this sweet nectar beverage after a light meal.